The O1M Shoes are Eco-Chic & Perfect in a Crunch

 - Jul 20, 2011
References: & thedieline
Inspired by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, the O1M shoes are the perfect fit for one-time use.

The O1M shoes are flexible and made to conform to the foot. The packaging for the shoes also had to come in similar packaging, which was designed by FIGTREE Factory Studio in Spain. The shoes are perfect for running as well as everyday leisure activities such as tennis and easy to carry around due to the flexible nature and its lightweight materials.

The concept stemmed, according to the site, from "Product essence comes from the millenary Amazon Wild Forest indigenous inhabitant’s concept, who painted their feet soles with natural latex, obtained on the Hevea trees, this enabling their movements through the jungle during rain season."

The latex is biodegradable and forms to the feet of its wearer.