The Nymi Bracelet Can Now Unlock Doors

 - Sep 30, 2014
References: getnymi & fastcompany
The Nymi bracelet, created by Bionym, is a device that uses your unique cardiac rhythm to unlock your personal computer sans password. Now, Bionym has partnered with Brivo Labs to update the bracelet, allowing it to also unlock physical barriers.

The updated Nymi bracelet makes entering restricted-access areas swift and easy, as users will no longer need to pause to verify their identity. General Manager at Brivo Labs Lee Odess explains, "Your heartbeat is consistent, which makes it different from an iris or fingerprint which needs to be scanned." The technology will allow for a form of "frictionless identification."

The bracelet's Bluetooth signal will be read by devices implanted with Brivo Labs software, allowing the the barrier to open as you approach. The bracelet will only operate with a single user, and will shut off if someone else attempts to wear it.