WearSens Monitors Consumption to Prevent Overeating

 - Mar 20, 2015
References: wearsens & gizmodiva
WearSens is a wearable nutrition tracking device that appeals to women who like to wear jewelry and diet. Essentially, the WearSens is worn like a choker and vibrates when it detects a high caloric intake. As far as how it works, engineers at UCLA crafted the wearable with piezoelectric sensors to monitor vibrations in the throat. The device does have to do some guessing when it comes to what and how much you're eating, but from there, this information is delivered to an app. If a person has gone over their daily calorie limit, the app sends a signal for the neckpiece to buzz. Beyond this, the app also provides insights by noting if a user is eating too fast or eating not enough or too much of one type of food.

Now in the prototyping stages, this device is set to be available for purchase later this year.