The Nothing Lamp Demonstrates the Versatility of LEDs

 - May 1, 2012
References: gomezpaz & bookofjoe
Despite its name, the Nothing Lamp is far from worthless nor can it be easily ignored. Instead, it refers to the Nothing Lamp's lack of a traditional shape or bulb. It is a printed circuit board that has been cleverly manipulated to become a three-dimensional shape rather than remain a two-dimensional one.

Created by Milan-based designer Francisco Gomez Paz, the Nothing Lamp underwent countless of changes before taking on the form it boasts now. Designed for international company Lucepan, the Nothing Lamp shows the versatile and minimal nature of LEDs in comparison to the more static incandescent light bulb. Made out of aluminum sheets, the Nothing Lamp has LEDs tracked on the inside of each strip. The result is a soft glow and a subtle shadow.