The Nostalgic Photo Series Quest for Identity is Harrowing

 - Apr 22, 2014
References: & featureshoot
In this beautifully nostalgic photo series, photographer Ziyah Gafic goes on a quest to capture and catalogue the personal belongings of those who were killed in the Bosnian War.

30,000 Bosnians were killed by the Serbian Army during the war and their belongings were buried along with them. Gafic's 'Quest for Identity' series is close to his heart as the photographer is from Sarajevo, but says that his family was "fairly lucky" in relation to the catastrophe of losses other families around him had to endure.

The photographer decided to catalog the personal belongings found in the mass graves during the conflict, which then turned into his nostalgic photo series. Photographing everyday items like toothbrushes, house keys, water bottles and identification papers, the seemingly mundane objects become surreal and harrowing.