The Nordisk Lofoten 1 ULW is Designed for Solo Camping

 - Jul 1, 2017
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When venturing out on solo camping trips, one's tent is typically the biggest burden, but with the Nordisk Lofoten 1 ULW, it would be easy to forget that there's even a tent on one's back. That's because the Nordisk Lofoten weighs in at just 490 grams — or barely over one pound — making it the lightest solo camping tent on the market.

Despite its minute mass, the Lofoten 1 ULW is still capacious enough for a solo tripper. While it certainly doesn't leave room for activities, it stretches 250 centimeters long and 110 centimeters wide, leaving ample space for sleeping. The tent is also tall enough to let its occupant sit or crouch inside, making it easier to organize oneself from under shelter (rather than being exposed to the elements.)