Nordic Landscapes by Jens Fersterra Captures Untarnished Beauty

 - Feb 25, 2014
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The Nordic Landscapes photo series is one that will take people's breath away. For those who have no desire to travel to the north in order to appreciate the vast picturesque scenery in person, they will be able to grasp a semblance of its beauty through these images. From snow-covered mountain ranges to glass-like lakes and captivatingly colored skies, the Nordic Landscapes series is one for the books.

Shot by Jens Fersterra, a photographer based in Berlin, Germany, the Nordic Landscapes photo series captures places found in Iceland, Norway Rondane and Lofoten. Whether completely untouched by man or inhabited by quaint towns and villages, the landscapes captured seem untarnished and pure. There is a respect for nature here that everyone should take note of.