Indian Design Students Influence Cell Phones

 - Nov 27, 2007
References: livemint
The emergence of trend spotting and cool hunting companies is changing the way people approach business; Nokia, the world's largest cellphone maker, is one of the latest mega businesses to utilize these creative individuals. Cool hunters make a living scouring the world for new innovations and pride themselves on identifying the next big thing.

It's actually Nokia's division in India that stared up the Nokia Design program comprised of 60 college students from the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. "It is a place that Nokia thinks might yield the next big innovation," LiveMint said.

These students scour the streets, the media and the web for upcoming trends -- just like we do here at Trend Hunter. They look at everything from street style to emerging technologies and eco-initiates, a give Nokia the scoop to help them continue to create the latest and greatest for the cell phone market.