The NODO Chair by Pentágono is Made from Interwoven Fiberglass

 - May 23, 2014
References: & design-milk
The NODO chair by design firm Pentágono is guaranteed to be one of the lightest chairs you'll ever sit in. This incredibly weightless chair is cleverly constructed from interwoven strips of technicolor fiberglass. The NODO chair's aesthetic creatively plays off of the phrase, "the lightness of being."

Unlike most seating, the NODO chair has a mostly hollow design as the fiberglass pieces work to simply outline the frame of the chair. The inside of the chair contains several intersecting fiberglass strips that hold the chair together and leave a majority of the chair's seat, legs and back empty and clear. Because of the NODO chair's uniquely transparent design, it intersects seamlessly with its surroundings. The NODO chair was released during Milan Design Week.