The Nito App Generates Video of You Speaking as an Animated Avatar

 - Jun 10, 2014
References: nitoapp & gizmag
Nito is an incredibly neat app that allows you appearas an animated avatar. The app tracks your facial features and distinct movements and you talk and reproduces them in real-time via an animated avatar. The app can record and produce 15 seconds of video at a time.

Once users have chosen their selected avatar and background, they then use a simple grid-based interace to map the location of their eyes, nose and mouth, allowing the app to track them as they move during speech. Users then hit the record button and start talking.

Nito users can choose from any of 12 different avatars and a wide range of backgrounds. Nine of the avatars are free, and other three cost 99 cents per use. Nito hopes to eventually expand its range of avatars and make it possible for users to create their own custom avatars.