The Nissan 'Mirae Nihon' Project Thrives after Tsunami

 - Jun 7, 2012
References: & fastcocreate
A coast-rocking Tsunami is what brought on the concept of the NIssan 'Mirae Nihon' project. Meaning 'the future of Japan,' it looks to bring awareness to the issue of human dependancy on power we cannot control. With the nuclear power plants in Fukushima ravaged, millions in northeastern Japan were left without power or clean water and from this crisis came inspiration for a self-sustaining house.

TBWA Hakuhodu and Nissan partnered to collaborate with 20 different companies to fill all the needs of such a house. First, there is a portable wooden frame, provided by Solar Design Lab, that serves the shelter function. Nissan contributed an electric car to power the house in conjunction to the home's own solar panels, and water purification jugs were fashioned so that any water could be a source of clean sustenance.

The project shows that with the right minds fuelling an initiative like this, many living essentials can be off-grid, or in other words, self-controlled. This idea is powerful, as it is tangible evidence that people can revert their dependancy and lead more nomadic, clean and responsible ways of life. Hopefully this inspiring project goes further and garners more attention.