Sleek Eco Sedans to Informative EV Apps

 - Sep 13, 2012
"Green" doesn't even begin to describe all of these Earth-saving Nissan autos. Nissan has positioned itself as one of the world's greenest automakers. The lineups of both Nissan and Infiniti (the brand's luxury line) are packed with hybrids and EVs. These Earth-saving Nissan autos come in all shapes and sizes and are on the cutting-edge of automotive design.

The Earth-saving Nissan autos featured here consist of both concept and production cars. The automaker has a lot of electric and hybrid concept cars in the works. Gearheads will be happy to hear that these concepts cars are designed to be both sporty and green. Quick and agile EVs like the Nissan concepts featured here may be the key to getting American drivers to accept electric cars.