Ninotsminda Border Checkpoint by Luka Machablishvili is Divided

 - Jul 26, 2012
The tedious process entry travel authorization is given an architectural boost with the Ninotsminda Border Checkpoint by Luka Machablishvili.

The design of this building gives it a peculiar appearance, as though its fragments are sliced to create an aesthetically pleasing building. However, the creation of this building has a practical rationalization that utilizes divisions to facilitate the process of crossing borders.

The architect explains that the building is composed of metal panels, stained-glass windows, black aluminum profiles and internal and external high quality lighting. These are used to optimize the functionality of a customs terminal.

This state-of-the-art design is a geometrically intricate construction with functionality. Luka Machablishvili is masterful in his dedication to the alliance of useful design with artful appeal. This border crossing is bound to set the bar for increased standards of travel proceedings.

Image Credit: Luka Machablishvili