Nikita Buyanov Creates Girlie HP Designs

 - May 21, 2009
We’ve seen some cutting-edge designs for laptops, but HP doesn’t think they are attractive enough for women. That reason alone is probably why HP invited Russian industrial designer Nikita Buyanov to create a string of feminine-oriented conceptual laptops.

The most adorable laptop has to be the HP Make-Up. This pink, powder case-shaped computer can certainly be used for makeup, as it contains both a small compact mirror and a big mirror which can be shifted to a screen when needed.

HP Perfume, on the other hand, is somewhat soothing if the laptop owner likes aromatherapy. There are buttons which allow you to change and adjust both the smell and the light when sitting back to relax.

Nikita Buyanoc has even created a laptop for moms called the HP Mama. This laptop is designed for women who work outdoors while they watch over their kids. The two Bluetooth cameras with amplifiers help keep track of the kids, and a bangle acts as a sensor which sends a warning when the kids have gone too far away.