The Nike Therma Sphere Apparel Line Reacts to Body Heat

Nike Therma Sphere Max is a new line of apparel that reacts to its wearer's body temperature.

In cold conditions, the body strains to maintain a normal temperature, which can significantly impact an athlete's ability to perform. That's the idea behind the Nike Therma Sphere Max apparel, a line of athletic wear that actively works to keep body heat regulated in cold temperatures. The Nike Therma Sphere Max technology debuted at an event called Heat Rises in New York, where models demonstrated the apparel in a 32-degree Fahrenheit room.

Nike is also releasing AeroReact, a breathable fabric that actively cools in reaction to body temperature. Nike says that its goal is to "empower you to defy the elements," allowing Nike apparel wearers to be active and perform to the top of their capacity year-round.