'Nightscapes' by Martin Stavars is Sleek and Dark

 - May 3, 2012
References: martinstavars & behance.net
For those looking for well-composed photography rich with atmosphere and ambiance, look no further than the recently shot series 'Nightscapes' by Martin Stavars.

The Polish photographer traveled around the world, photographing some of its most shimmering metropolises. From jagged skylines to bustling streets, his work captures the kind of riveting energy that is hard to find anywhere other than big cities.

True, nature has much to offer in terms of beauty, but there is something about buildings radiating light into darkened skies that trees just can't pull off. Still, Stavars cleverly incorporates natural elements like fog and clouds to add texture to his photography. Such touches demonstrate how no two days are exactly alike, even in the same city.