The Nigel Ackland Bionic Arm Moves With Muscle Control

 - Nov 9, 2012
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Part human and part robot, the Nigel Ackland bionic arm does everything a normal arm can do.

With 8 preset patterns already built into it, including a 'Key Grip' which can hold small objects such as keys and credit cards without dropping them and a 'Relaxed Grip' which takes the position of an average hand relaxed at your side, Nigel Ackland doesn't have to be impeded in any way by the loss of his limb. He can also move the thumb manually and he has full control of his wrist motions through the use of his upper arm muscles.

With its advanced technology, the Nigel Ackland bionic arm allows for precision and ease when performing daily tasks such as cracking eggs for breakfast, and best of all, it doesn't feel pain.