The Niels Peeraer SS13 Collection is Intricate and Decorative

 - Nov 9, 2012
References: nielspeeraer & stylebubble
The Niels Peeraer SS13 collection is so stunningly feminine, it is great to see it modeled on a man, which happens to accentuate this quality rather than negate it. It helps that he himself strikes rather dainty poses. Comprised of nude leather accessories, the collection is made for those looking to make a statement.

With as eccentric and long-winded a title as "Golden rays seal the gift as Zephyr crowns your silken heart," it is only natural that the Niels Peeraer SS13 collection would appeal to those with a bit of a theatrical personality. With a theme of outward decoration, the Niels Peeraer SS13 collection features everything from bow bracelets to structured handbags and intricate headwear, all made from the same bleached-out leather.