Nicola McLean is Un-Photoshopped Perfection

 - Dec 18, 2008
In these un-Photoshopped images of Ultimo model Nicola McLean posing with Santa Claus, her stretchmarks are clearly visible. No matter, she looks amazing and sexy.   

McLean is seen here the way millions of women appear after childbirth. We look as though we had a fight with Freddy Krueger or had a freak accident with knives. Even women in great shape like Nicola McLean have the potential for stretchmarks. 

Often women try to cover them up by wearing shirts that cover the belly, one-piece swimsuits or even midriff-covering lingerie. It’s as though we’re ashamed of our child-bearing marks, but we shouldn’t be.

I wish we’d see more models, even celebs, bearing their so-called flaws with such class and confidence. I’m sure Ultimo airbrushes McLean’s stretchmarks for their magazine, but I wish they wouldn’t. She’s beautiful to me even though you can see them.