The NEXT Architects Möbius Strip Bridge Can't Be Crossed

 - Feb 6, 2014
References: nextarchitects & dezeen
The NEXT Architects Möbius Strip Bridge is one of the most awesome, and confusing, bridges ever designed. The bridge is awesome., in that it is a functional model of a Möbius strip. It allows residents of Carnisselande an unobstructed view of Rotterdam, the Netherlands’ second-largest city.

NEXT Architects Möbius Strip Bridge is also confusing in that, despite how it looks from afar, it cannot be fully traversed all at once, unless you’re willing to walk upside down. The bridge is made from Corten steel that was weathered beforehand, giving the bridge a rugged, coppery look. Surprisingly, this bridge isn’t the first Möbius strip-inspired bridge designed by NEXT Architects. The architectural firm designed a bridge for the harbor of Changsha, China, inspired by the iconic infinite loop.