Newsprint Openwork Turns Bad News into Exquisite Examples of Art

 - Oct 8, 2013
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Without an explanation, could you discern how this Newsprint Openwork series might have been made? It looks as though the individual items were freely woven or stitched, then likely dyed; however, a close look reveals an unexpected quantity and quality of detail.

Believe it or not, Myriam Dion created her Papiers Journaux Ajour├ęs with an exacto knife. She chooses a front-page newspaper story and begins cutting away at all parts of its surface in ways that work with and against the photos and the text. She'll often use her X-Acto to outline the headlines with delicate designs and turn pictures and illustrations into images that appear cross-stitched. Newsprint Openwork is painstaking and pretty and comes off as lace material rather than artistically and systematically excised bulletins.