Millions Choose SMS Over Calls, Breaking Records

 - Jan 1, 2008
References: tribune-chronicle
Hundreds of millions of text messages were sent from cell phones around the world with congratulatory messages between December 31 and January 1. On the 27th of December, Verizon had predicted there would be over 300 million texts sent by their clients alone.

It's so much easier now the text message than to call. You can let loved ones know you're thinking of them without getting into expensive calls. It's aurally practical; with loud fireworks, phone calls are near impossible. It's affordable; texts are way cheaper than calls. It's time efficient; sending texts out singularly is faster and easier than a phone call, email or card. Those with phones who allow it can even super-charge those attributes by writing one message and sending it out as a mass text.

But, above all, it's another indicator of how much more impersonal our contact with others is. The inauthenticity, the effort, the willingness to devote a certain amount of time, money and energy on expressing our care for those we love.