This New Type of Prosthetics Could Make Life More Comfortable for Amputees

The 'Osseoanchored Prostheses for the Rehabilitation of Amputees' (OPRA) is a new type of prosthetics that may make life far more comfortable for amputees. Traditional prosthetics are designed to fit a person's skin. However, the skin is not designed for this type of pressure and the person wearing the device often deals with uncomfortable sweat and swelling.

The OPRA device solves the issue of fit, through a unique design that screws into the bone of the residual limb. The new type of prosthetics are designed to be implanted into the user's thigh bone and left to heal for six months. The user will then undergo a second surgery to add a rod that will be attached to the prosthetic leg.

The unique design not only provides a more snug-fitting prosthetic, but it also makes it easier for the user to remove and reattach their artificial limbs.