Bride Advertises For Pretty People to Attend Her Ceremony

 - Jan 14, 2009
References: ananova
What happens to a bride-to-be who has no family members that can attend her nuptials? What’s a poor bride to do about filling her side of the church or synagogue or mosque? Why not buy attendees?

According to news sources, a bride from Eastern Europe (Ukraine) who is marrying in London placed an advertisement in a quest for guests to fill her side of the church. This is due to the fact that, other than her parents, her family and friends who reside in the Ukraine can't attend. She felt cheated and decided to take the bull by the horns and began the recruitment process.

The bride’s identity has not been disclosed, but it is reported that she posted a free ad on a website known as Gumtree looking for 30 people to sit in her part of the church.

The bride has also requested brides maids, groomsmen and ushers. Her ad states:

"I’m having a large mixed wedding of about 150 people."

Mixed with what, one might ask? People and dogs? People with different sexual orientations? Multi-racial or multi-ethnic people? What the heck is a mixed wedding?

Her appeal goes on to say on to say:

"My partner has loads of family around to invite to the wedding. Unfortunately for me, my family are all in Ukraine so they can’t make it. Only my mum and dad will be there."

Volunteers have to send a photograph and write about themselves. In return, they get invited to the reception.

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