The Nevero Glacier Laserscan Improves the Mountainous Monitoring Task

 - Oct 12, 2012
References: & yankodesign
The majority of the effort involved in acquiring the data surrounding such remote geographic features might actually be in getting oneself to the site. The Nevero Glacier Laserscan was designed to make that part of the process much easier. The concept also boasts a much more sophisticated system technologically to guarantee the most accurate and revealing results.

One of Carlos Schreib's priorities was to ensure compactness of the apparatus so he conceived a piece of equipment that could collapse into a boxy form with its integrated tripod. Carbon fiber gives the device the protection it needs in merciless polar conditions. Furthermore, it manages to keep the weight of the surveyor down as much as possible so that the Nevero Glacier Laserscan can be carried without too much difficulty.