Networktopia by Kim Harty is Made Out of Hot Strands of Glass

 - Sep 21, 2012
References: kimharty & design-milk
Actual mountain ranges might take people's breath away, but the art installation titled Networktopia by Kim Harty, an artist located in St. Louis, Missouri, does so in a different way. A mini mountainous sculpture, the installation is what some might imagine the mythical Mount Olympus would look like in the heavens, a proper home for the gods.

Networktopia by Kim Harty was created out of layer after layer of hot glass strands. A two-day process using a strategy aptly labeled 'action painting,' Harty created this striking and artistic topography in the Chrysler Museum Hot Shop, where is continues to remain on display. Like delicately spun cobwebs, it "is a contemplation on opposites and embodies the dichotomies of hard and soft, strong and delicate, organic and rigid," according to the artist.