The Neora Zigler 'Pebbles Carpet' Will Make Sure You Watch Your Step

For those people who are tired of their flat floors and would like a little more excitement while walking around the home comes the Neora Zigler 'Pebbles Carpet.' It's actually a little heavy to carry but, once set down, it'll be sure to keep its place on the floor. It is created from coats of synthetic fabric and has actual stone pebbles sewn into it. This creates a natural and real rocky effect when walking over the carpet, teaching the walker to watch their step.

It is an important quality not to be absent-minded and always aware of one's environment. By getting a little too comfortable in the home, people may become unaware of hazards in the outdoors and this carpet is a great way to start getting back into gear. Of course, walking on rocks can always be somewhat of a massage as well, so this rug is sure to rock the household.