The Neil Krug 'Mirrors' Series is Sublime and Surreal

 - Jul 15, 2012
References: neilkrug & trendland
The Neil Krug 'Mirrors' photography series is a surreal exploration of the rugged desert landscape, capturing its beauty and essence using unorthodox techniques. The reflective mirrors create shifts and breaks in the undisturbed desert, resulting in a truly eye-catching set of images.

The floating panels defy the logics of gravity as they hover above the rough, barren wilderness. A majestic bald eagle soars graceful through the scene, taking a moment to reflect and ponder at its reflection. Awe-inspiring and sublime, the Neil Krug 'Mirrors' series highlights the resilient American outback in a futuristic perspective.

American artist Neil Krug has photographed and directed a number of campaigns for bands such as My Chemical Romance and the Scissor Sisters. His vintage, colorized style is seen throughout his work, adding a nostalgic, retro personality to his breathtaking images.