The NBA Hipsters Tumblr Recognizes the Stylishness of Basketball Players

Basketball players aren't usually the most fashion-forward folks out there, but the NBA Hipsters Tumblr reveals that the ball-dunking experts have been taking a much more stylish approach to their game.

From bow ties to the staple thick-rimmed glasses, these athletes have clearly been putting some serious thought into their outfits when off the court. Featured images on the NBA Hipsters Tumblr include Baron Davis wearing a checkered blazer with a matching bow tie, Andre Iguodala rocking a cardigan with engine red sneakers and the Wade-Bosh-James trifecta outfitted in some dapper ensembles.

If you've ever questioned the fashion sense of a basketball player, then check out the NBA Hipsters Tumblr for some reassurance that there may be some hope yet.