An Art-Collecting Family Now Lives in This Converted Nazi Bunker

 - Jul 12, 2014
References: gizmodo
A new Vimeo upload featured on Gizmodo gives a home tour of a converted Nazi bunker. The concrete compound was originally designed to protect 3,000 people during Berlin air raids in 1942, but is now home to art collectors Karen and Christian Boros and their children.

The Boros Residence is full of art both contemporary and not. One piece was originally in the possession of the first Medici pope before the Vatican sold it. The sprawling house features 80 rooms, a three foot thick ceiling and six feet thick walls. Decorated by Jens Casper, the home was featured in a tour filmed by ArchDaily. The 80 rooms are often open to the public (the Boros family lives in the penthouse), should you ever find yourself in Berlin and would like to visit.