The Nava Lubelski Papercraft Collection Makes Receipts Ravishing

 - May 14, 2011
References: navalubelski & thisiscolossal
Are terrible tax receipts and rejection letters clogging up your mailbox? Cringe no more: Artist Nava Lubelski has discovered a way to transform these petrifying papers into pieces of art. The Nava Lubelski papercraft sculpture collection shows the silver lining in depressing documents by using them as inspiration and material. Lubelski tears the terrible papers into very thin strips, then tightly rolls them into small coils. Once she has plenty of paper coils, she glues them together into intricate arrangements.

The resulting papercraft sculptures are stunning and swirltastic. They almost resemble clusters of lichen or barnacles, and one of her pieces is even sea-themed. The Nava Lubelski papercraft sculpture collection puts a new spin on receipts, transforming them from stressful wallet weights into an artist's muse.