Nature-Inspired Devices Show the Root of Innovation

 - Jul 8, 2009   Updated: May 31 2011
Coming across these images, I had no idea just how many designs are taken from nature. I'm not sure if these replica creations were accidental, but the biomimic gadgets surely can't take the credit for most original design.

Check out the gallery to see how some everyday objects look like creatures of the sea, or fungus found in forests.

The collection could be never-ending!

Implications - Many consumers are leading an environmentally friendly lifestyle, which means brands are going to have to adjust their approach when it comes to their products. With the emphasis on purchasing eco-friendly items at an all-time high, shoppers are becoming more picky and careful when they're out on the market. To keep up with this time, brands can consider using sustainable materials or adopt natural organic design concepts to help consumers live their eco lifestyle.