Low-Impact is Met by Low-Cost in the Form of Natura SOU Packaging

 - Sep 18, 2013
References: questtono & lovelypackage
For people on a budget, there isn't always great incentive to shop for eco-friendly products. Where many sustainable consumables are sold at higher prices, Natura SOU packaging takes a logical step in the other direction.

Fundamentally, the QuesttoNó and Tátil Design collaboration succeeds in comprising 70% less plastic material than your average bottle of bodywash. This expectedly makes the line of soaps and shampoos much cheaper to turn out. Furthermore, the thin pouches are manufactured in the same facility in which they are filled, streamlining the production process and cutting the costs and energy that are often expended in intermediate transportation.

Shaped like a droplet of water, Natura SOU packaging also allows you to squeeze and slide out every last dollop so that not a pinch is wasted.