National Anti-Counterfeit Committee's Campaign Against Terrorism

 - Mar 30, 2010   Updated: Jun 9 2011
References: adsoftheworld
The National Anti-Counterfeit Committee's campaign against terrorism aims to educate consumers about buying imitation items. As the ad explains, "Counterfeiting finances organized crime. It's in the terrorists' utmost interest for you to buy counterfeit products."

Along with the message, there are depictions of overly happy terrorists from all corners of the world peddling goods that are often counterfeited -- from watches, shoes and colognes.

Implications - With society so saturated with varying types of advertising, customers have become desensitized to the messages in ads and commercials. For this reason, the advertisements that are successful now are memorable for their shock-factor or strange content. Companies that desire to create popular advertisements should embrace new marketing strategies.