Natation Synchronisee by Jean-Baptiste Courtier is Picturesque

 - Jan 15, 2014
References: jeanbaptistecourtier & mymodernmet
Synchronized swimming performances are beautiful to watch as they are, but when viewed from the edge of a lake, surrounded by nature, as the photo series titled Natation Synchronisee by Jean-Baptiste Courtier depicts, they are even more beautiful. The graceful movements of the legs somehow accentuate the picturesque scenes as though they belong there like some sort of water goddesses.

Reflected in the waters, Natation Synchronisee by Jean-Baptiste Courtier, a French photographer, becomes a sort of real-life ink blot. And just as such, the audience is left to its own devices to fill in the blanks when it comes to the narrative behind each image. The photographer writes, "Frankly, I’m quite egoistic in the way I work. I want to have the pleasure of recreating the images that exist in my mind and prefer to let the viewers create [their] own story around the picture."