Voting is Open to the Internet for the Next Z2 NASA Space Suit

In 2012, the design of the Z-1 NASA space suit was revealed, boasting improvements that give astronauts greater mobility. Now, the Z-1 prototype has been significantly improved and NASA is looking for the public's opinion regarding the outer shell for the new Z-2 space suit design.

The first proposed design is called "Biomimicry" and it takes reference from creatures of the deep sea and the ways they protect themselves, arming humans against the conditions of outer space similarly with techniques like bioluminescence. The second design, "Technology" pays tribute to the past and the future of space travel and "Trends in Society" takes inspiration from sportswear, as a reflection of what clothing might look like in the not too distant future.

People are encouraged to vote on their favorite of the three designs until April 15th. Unfortunately, the winning design won't be rocketing into space any time soon and it will only be used here on Earth for training and vacuum chamber tests.