The Napkid Apron is a Substantial Smock Capable of Catching Food Scraps

 - Jun 20, 2011
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Many parents can confirm that the standard baby bib catches very few of the spills and stains that get hijacked by gravity, refused by the consumer or simply miss the hatch, so the Napkid Apron aims to become a more inclusive protective covering.

The real trouble may begin when toddlers start feeding themselves, figuring out how to use utensils effectively, and discovering the fun that playing with food can be. The solution created by Madame la Marchande is essentially a large fabric serviette, punctured with two grommets and strung with a neck strap.

A truly simple concept, this expansive smock is big enough to cover just about every part of a child's outfit that's in danger of being destroyed by his meal. The Napkid Apron comes in three colors, and playfully wishes its wearer "Bon appétit!"