Thibaut Rouganne's Nae Juicer Has a Minimalist and Artistic Design

 - Aug 26, 2011
References: thibautrouganne & yankodesign
The Nae Juicer is an ultra minimalist and artistic juicer designed by Thibaut Rouganne. The Nae Juicer looks like a water lily and works like any other handheld juicer.

What sets the Nae Juicer apart from other handheld juicers is its ingenious design that lets you easily extract and pour your juice. The corners of the juicer are all sloped, making it easy to pour freshly squeezed juice without making a mess.

The compact and simple design of the Nae Juicer makes cleaning and storing it a breeze. A juicer this simple and small would be a welcome addition to any dinner table. The presence of this juicer could encourage a healthier dietary practices as people would feel compelled to squeeze their own juice.