From Injectable Lemon Misters to Artistic Citrus Reamers

 - May 31, 2013
Extracting juice from a lemon can be a difficult and messy process, but these inventive lemon squeezers are allowing individuals to get their citrus juices in a much more efficient and easy manner.

While ordinary lemon squeezers often feature a small bowl with a triangular point in the middle for you to press the lemon upon, these inventive designs showcase all sorts of unique and out-of-the-ordinary shapes that will have your dinner patrons amazed. From spraying devices that are injected into the lemon to squeezers that resemble artistic paint brushes, these unique and creative designs make adding lemon juice to a meal much simpler.

If you hate getting citrus juice all over yourself while cooking, then these inventive lemon squeezers are here to help you out with all your juicing needs.