Artist Grzegorz Klaman's Installation Focuses on Mysterious People

 - Jun 21, 2013
References: & sweet-station
This rather unusual art installation by Grzegorz Klaman focuses on mysterious people kneeling in front of white walls. What's extremely interesting about this installation is that these cloaked sculpture figures are repeatedly banging their heads against the wall.

This piece is supposed to make people uncomfortable. There is a black gooey liquid dripping from the white walls as these odd figures kneel down and hit their heads. The head-banging is supposed to reflect a state of hysteria. This whole exhibit is centered around fear.

Each of these faceless head-banging figures is covered by a black cloth, though their shoes and pants are all different. This art installation is extremely bizarre and hard to look away from. These mysterious moving figures are eerie and interesting all at the same time.