The LG Infinim Music Headsets Offer a Slim Design for Casual Wear

 - Dec 30, 2015
References: lgnewsroom & acquiremag
For consumers that are looking for a much more slender headphone alternative to suit smaller head sizes, the LG Tone Infinim music headsets offer wireless technology and immaculate sound quality in a retractable headband design. These headphones are ideal for those seeking a smaller wearable alternative to traditional large-scale headphone styles.

Unlike traditional headphones, the LG Tone Infinim offer a slender design that is much more similar to a fashionable headband than ear muff. The headphones feature earbuds that simply slot into the ear to offer notably excellent audio thanks to the Quad-Layer Speaker Technology embedded inside. The headset also has a retractable structure fitting to all sorts of face shapes. The device come in chromatic colors including black, grey and pink.