Understand the Changes in the Preservation of History and Artifacts

 - Apr 2, 2012
References: trendreports
Museums, galleries and exhibitions are a staple in most major cities around the world, and are must-see attractions for tourists. Our Museum Trend Report looks at trends that attract and retain consumer attention, whether it's due to a uniquely rare collection or an extravagantly designed building.

Following trends that are creating key changes in the industry, the Museum Trend Report features up-to-date data cultivated from a global network of consumers. In the report, users will discover what individuals are fascinated with and how museum trends influence industries such as architecture, interior design, art, fashion and education. Included in the report are 781 examples of museum market analysis that can spark innovation and 90 PRO Trends that delve deeper into our research; examples of the latter are Toy Blockitecture, Suspenditecture and In-Home Play.