The SIXPAD Gadget Uses Pulsation to Invigorate the Muscles

 - Nov 30, 2015
References: & thegadgetflow
As consumers strive to take on more health-oriented and active lifestyles, devices such as the SIXPAD muscle stimulation gadget offers an alternative to working out that might be more appealing to those new to exercise. The device features electric pads that hook up to the a variety of muscle groups and offer stimulating a 23-minute pulsation that is similar to a workout to garner similar results.

The SIXPAD device creatively is a convenient substitute to working out and a gym lifestyle for those consumers that are looking to a simpler and less intensive way to begin getting active. The device does most of the work sending pulses to the various areas of the body it is hooked up to stimulating a workout. The device can also conveniently be worn while doing other chores such as cleaning for a streamlined workout.