The Muller and van Severen Series References Modernism Eccentrically

 - Jul 31, 2012
References: crapisgood &
Enthusiasts of modern minimalist and utilitarian furniture will be charmed by the playful spirit of the new Muller and van Severen collection of seats, shelves and tables. It has been inspired by formal and structural elements of the work of the Bauhaus designers and more recently by the sculptures of Donal Judd. The difference is in the ambition of diverseness and in the certain silliness that has historically been delivered more subtly.

One of the token Schermafbeelding pieces that has resulted from the collaboration of artist Hannes Van Severen and photographer Fien Muller is the hybrid chair, lounger and floor lamp combination that can accommodate two people upon a slender frame. The use of thin pieces of painted tubular metal produces straight lines and perfect geometric contours. Rigid panels are crisp and flat and fabrics are allowed to take their natural catenary shapes to deliver human comfort.