These Works by Mulga the Artist are Surreally Hairy

 - Jun 1, 2013
References: & lostateminor
Australia-based illustrator Mulga the Artist, or Joel Moore, is a wacky visionary who loves drawing strange and unpredictable characters. He's tackled everything from zombies to frogs and now he has tackled large bearded vikings and other sea-goers.

Mulga the Artist's illustrations appear simplistic at first glance, but after looking a little closer it's clear that a lot of patience and time went into each of his pieces. Swirling lines, pointillism and small minimalist images all combine to form a larger piece. In fact each of Mulga's works could be dissected into dozens of smaller works.

These illustrations are demonstrative of Mulga's tribal influences. The mishmash of designs and the organic feeling of each work indicates a style that goes back thousands of years. With his bearded viking portraits Mulga the Artist has shown that artistic value doesn't have to be sacrificed in the name of wackiness.