Mu Lei Paints Feminine Subjects and Ordinary Objects

 - Jan 16, 2010   Updated: Jul 4 2011
References: cyanaa & mocoloco
Artist Mu Lei is a painter based in Beijing. His work features petite females who possess a strength that belies their size. Mu Lei paints them with big heads, like caricatures, and surrounds them with everyday objects that have a magical quality in the paintings.

Mu Lei's work can be seen on the site Cyanaa (link below). The strong images reveal a powerful force behind these seemingly childlike faces.

Implications - There is a large demographic of consumers who relish in products that emanate juxtaposed qualities. Products boasting unconventional or unlikely characteristics provide consumers with new and fresh perspectives on a wide range of things. Businesses who are capable of successfully fusing two opposites into one product will see large returns from consumers looking to have multiple demands met.