Stop the Mr. Bump Alarm Clock by Tossing it with Rage

 - Jun 26, 2011
References: truffleshuffle & nerdapproved
Everyone who's reading this and hates the sound of an alarm going off is going to want the Mr. Bump Alarm Clock.

The Mr. Bump Alarm Clock sounds cute, right? It certainly looks that way with its cuddly circular shape and cartoonesque looks. The bandages and its agonizing expression should tell you, however, that this little fellow is extremely miserable. The reason is because once this alarm goes off, the only way you can turn it off is if you toss it against the wall. This timepiece actually encourages you to throw it with a fit of rage when you're dreading to wake up for school or work. This alarm clock is ideal for the non-morning people who need to get their frustrations out by abusing an inanimate object.