Mozia by Giovanni Levanti Takes a Warped Shape But Correctly Displays the Hour

 - Feb 14, 2012
References: giovannilevanti
The mechanisms behind a timepiece are fairly simple, affording designers the opportunity to have a bit of fun in conceiving and assembling the many adaptable components.

Mozia by Giovanni Levanti is one such example of a quirky-looking chronograph that functions effectively as well as satisfying the criteria of an eccentric decorative object. Manufactured to a variety of dimensions and diameters, the colorful analog wall clocks assume unfamiliar forms. The face of each ticker has been extruded into a third dimension, with the center of the circle being seemingly sucked in towards the wall.

The result is the conical and rather bowl-like dial of Mozia by Giovanni Levanti, to which the hour and minute hands had to be adjusted. The pair of arms extend slightly beyond their pivot points to strike V-shaped forms and a consequently illusory visual effect.