The Movpot Has a Built-in Element to Bring Cooking Out of the Kitchen

 - Oct 11, 2013
References: electroluxdesignlab
Multitasking while cooking is only increasing in commonness so more appliances should be designed like the Electrolux Movpot. This innovative culinary apparatus is a hi-tech saucepan that carries its own hotplate with it.

If you wish to make a soup, a stew, a curry or anything requiring a nice deep dish, just preheat the contraption and then insert your ingredients. The inner lining of the device will increase in temperature quickly, heating up the raw components of your meal. You can control settings like time with the touchscreen interface, while a window in the top of Magdalena Brzozowska's Movpot allows you to monitor progress. So long as the lid is sealed, the cooking carries on, and you can carry this dish to any room in or out of the house.