Mat Weller's Movie Poster Redesign Boasts an Unsettling Edge

 - Dec 8, 2013
References: blurppy & mightymega
Designer Mat Weller has created a set of movie poster redesign artwork. The series includes a dark and dramatic Raiders of the Lost Ark, a minimalist Pacific Rim Post and a very eerie photo-negative Ghostbusters poster featuring a frightening looking Stay Puff'd Marshmallow Man.

These posters give off a very different tone and emotional feel than the actual movies, most of which are fairly lighthearted adventure or action films. The design work is top-notch and the visuals are striking and memorable, especially the Marshmallow Man.

This artwork is a great re-imagining of iconic Hollywood movies and sets. Weller's movie poster redesign work is innovative and striking, and hopefully we will get to see more movie poster re-imaginings in the near future.